Writing out of Anger

I immediately felt remorse after posting Taking Candy from Babies because I feared I would offend some people whom I love dearly. I do not regret sending the message that refined sugar is simply terrible for our children and that as a society, we’re not monitoring it as closely as we should be. I do regret the choice to attack. Its not exactly the best teaching method.

A wise man once told me, when you write out of anger, you limit your audience. The reader immediately becomes defensive, even if they agree with you to some degree, because you are talking to them. And I know that if I am busy being defensive, I learn little to nothing. 

A couple of people whose advice I respect have wondered why I was so angry. True, no one has outright accused me of “depriving my son of love” because I’ve denied him treats. But food is an emotional issue for lots of us. It represents a lot about our lives; daily routine, nurturing, guilt, comfort, control… it encompasses too much and it was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. I started with anger.  

Then again, with anger comes change. We rarely make adjustments when we’re content. And I wouldn’t write a word if I always had to worry about who I will offend. Unfortunately for my writing career, I do not function well if I think someone is mad at me. Goes back to my junior high years.

So I’ll just have to find the right balance when spouting off about any of my crusades. Finding balance has always been a challenge for me. I’ll continue to write about food and mood and kids and nutrition because those topics fascinate me. And I’ll start with some anger because its real. But I will work on a kinder, gentler delivery. Bear with me.